Neighborhood Development Grants

The Department of Neighborhood and Business Development (NBD) oversees federal, state, and local funding for projects that encourage economic growth and improve our neighborhoods.

This is an overview of key grants for community organizations, local agencies, and developers.

Are you a Syracuse resident looking for assistance?

In general, we don’t offer funding directly to residents. Instead, we fund agencies that offer programs that help residents and families in Syracuse.

If you need resources for yourself or your family, check out these links: 

  • Get help buying a home or making repairs [link]
  • Link to community resources [link]

Available grants

Entitlement grants

The City of Syracuse receives Entitlement Grants from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). This funding is for revitalizing neighborhoods, economic development, and improving community facilities and services. It supports many of the grants that we administer.

Other federal- or state-funded grants

Locally-funded grants


Have questions?

Whether you’re new to the grant application process or have been through it many times, we’re here to help.

Contact the Neighborhood Development Team. 
Phone: 315-448-8100