Cold Cases


The Syracuse Police Department and the Criminal Investigations Division are dedicated to the pursuit of justice in each and every case. To that end, the Criminal Investigations Division has established the Cold Case Unit. A cold case refers to an unsolved homicide or prolonged missing person investigation where a known suspect has not yet been brought to justice, a suspect(s) has not yet been identified, or all investigative leads in the case have been exhausted.  Resolution depends on a combination of factors, to include advances in technology, tenacity of detectives, close working relationships with other state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, the re-examination of evidence, and re-interviewing witnesses or other persons associated with the case.

Currently there are 80 open cases assigned to the Cold Case Unit.

This site is currently under construction and will be completed when all Cold Cases are profiled.  Anyone with information on any of the listed cases or cases which may be known to the reader but are not yet profiled is welcomed.  Persons with information should contact the Cold Case detectives at:


Phone: 315-442-5234

Detectives welcome any and all information.

For information on Homicides which are less than 5 years old, please click on the Unsolved Homicides link.

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