Transforming Infrastructure and Public Spaces


Transforming Infrastructure and Public Spaces    

Syracuse has infrastructure needs that need to be addressed - both in maintaining our existing systems and in building on those networks to provide new services to city residents. ARPA specifies using the funds to make necessary investments in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure. ARPA funds will ensure that Syracuse remains a growing, inclusive city by pursuing new, innovative opportunities in transportation and broadband access while also addressing our current infrastructure challenges in areas such as water quality and park facilities.

Project Progress 

Projects in Transforming Infrastructure and Public Spaces. The City of Syracuse is committed to transparent reporting. Amounts that have been budgeted across projects are updated weekly on the dashboard and may vary over time. The City will proactively share information on changing project plans. Questions about projects can be sent to

Project Progress:

Planning: Project plan has been submitted and is pending Common Council approval.
In Progress: Project has been approved by Common Council and the budget has been set.
Complete: Project Spending and outputs have been completed.

Spending Progress:

Budgeted: Amount approved by Council to be spent. This amount can vary. eg. more money can be budgeted for a project if required.
Authorized: Authorized amount from federal government ($123 million).
Money Spent: The sum of expenditures and money encumbered (financially committed).

Reimagining Parks and Public Spaces

Urban Forest Tree Planting

Grow, protect, and care for Syracuse’s tree canopy through the implementation of the Urban Forest Master Plan.  

Hiawatha Lake Wall

Rebuild and repoint historic stone lake retaining wall. 

Neighborhood Parks Improvements and Maintenance

Repair, replace, upgrade and improve neighborhood parks. Engage the community in prioritizing projects and investments. Improve broadband and Wi-Fi access in pool areas and large parks. 

Burnet Park Pool

Repair and restore for reopening including concrete replacement, concrete crack repair, and removal and replacement of ladder steps and tiles. 

Meachem Pavilion

Complete pavilion to enhance access to Onondaga Creek from Meachem Park’s facilities.


Public Transportation & Infrastructure 

Municipal Sidewalk Program

Support the creation and implementation of a municipal sidewalk program to create more walkable neighborhoods to benefit residents, property owners, and businesses.  

BRT – Traffic Signal Optimization

Fund traffic signal prioritization to improve the speed, reliability, and overall user experience of bus transit. This investment is a major component of bus rapid transit and also supports fire, police, and all local traffic. 

Parking Infrastructure

Install new revenue control equipment and closed-circuit television security in City-owned garages to improve accessibility through the use of cards, and reduce labor costs for payment collection and security.

Broadband Access

Launch a pilot program to deploy an innovative high-speed solution to connect at least 2,500  households to the internet. High-speed connectivity will be provided using Citizens Band Radio Service  (CBRS) with the targeted investment made in the fiber optic infrastructure to support the network. In addition, we will support the creation and launch of a Digital Navigator program to assist families and seniors with using the internet effectively, troubleshooting digital issues, and accessing affordable devices and service plans. 

Interstate 81 Project Community Engagement and Planning

Community engagement and project planning to ensure alignment among existing projects; prevent neighborhood displacement and gentrification; and, coordinate land-use and development along the  Business Loop 81 corridor including exploration of Community Land Trust. The investment will include city staffing for community outreach, consulting services to guide master planning, and infrastructure coordination with NYSDOT. 

Water Infrastructure Projects

Funding to extend the City's No. 2 public drinking water intake pipe in Skaneateles Lake to deeper water to help prevent the need to construct water treatment facilities. This includes investments in other high-priority water main replacements, pump station projects, or sewer upgrades. 


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