Two Workers Rescued

Published on September 10, 2022

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – On September 10, 2022 at 1:39 p.m., Syracuse firefighters were alerted by the 911 Center to two trapped workers in the basket of their boom lift in front of Crouse Hospital. They were washing windows when an undetermined type of error and/or failure caused the boom lift to make contact and tip against the building. The initial 911-caller inside the building was talking to the workers through a window.
When firefighters from the Rescue Co. and Ladder 4 arrived, they found a wheeled, articulating-arm boom-lift with two workers inside to be leaning against the structure of Crouse Hospital at the 7th floor, about 85 feet in the air. They determined the workers were uninjured and ensured they remained in their fall-protection harnesses. Firefighters noted that one of the wheels of the lift was off the ground; they stabilized the lift to prevent any sort of unexpected or unplanned movement. The basket the workers were in was also damaged from hitting the building. Upstate University Police shut down Irving Ave for this incident.
Ladder 4’s aerial ladder was moved into position to initiate rescue of the workers. Firefighters climbed the 110-foot aerial ladder and rigged a belay rope system to maintain fall protection for the workers. They were assisted from the damaged, leaning boom-lift onto Syracuse Fire’s aerial ladder while connected to the belay safety line and their own fall-protection harnesses. They were assisted down the aerial ladder by firefighters. They were uninjured and safely made it to the ground. The last Syracuse Fire units cleared the scene about an hour after dispatch.
Firefighters from the Rescue Co. and Ladder 4 are certified rope rescue technicians and train often for situations such as this. These incidents are very risky and could easily lead to deadly outcomes when not handled by trained, experienced professionals. We thank our partners at the 911 Center, Upstate University Police, Crouse Hospital and Syracuse Police for their assistance on this alarm.