Burnet Park Golf Course

Burnet Park Golf Course Clubhouse

Built in 1901 Burnet Park remains one of the oldest golf courses in New York State. The course is located on the city's west side in historic Tipperary Hill. True to the neighborhood's Irish roots, the first hole features the country's only "shamrock" bunker. The course has undergone several changes since its opening over 120+ years ago. Located on the city's highest point of elevation, golfers are treated to breathtaking views and dynamic hole designs.

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Description of Holes 


Description of Holes

Hole #1
165 yds.
Tee set high, fairway runs along a side hill to a flat open green. Trees on left and right side of fairway, green protected by signature Shamrock bunker.
Hole #2
250 yds.
Long rolling fairway with trees to the right and left side. Green protected by large gully to left and deep rough to the right. The second hole is the lone par four on golf course.
Hole #3
190 yds.
Narrow fairway with deep rough to the left and trees to the right, built up on sloping green.
Hole #4
140 yds.
Long line of trees on right side of rolling fairway, out of bounds to the left. Large gully in front of elevated green.
Hole #5
85 yds.
Short but dangerous hole, long narrow green is surrounded by trees, gullies and hillside rough. Proper club selection a must.
Hole #6
185 yds.
Elevated tee, fairway slopes downward to a flat green, road borders left side and beyond green.
Hole #7
100 yds.
Uphill, deceiving because of steep approach, green bordered on sides and rear by large trees and chocolate drops.
Hole #8
90 yds.
Short hole, elevated tee to a small flat elevated green. Green is surrounded by gullies on front, left and right side.
Hole #9
162 yds.
Fairway runs slightly uphill with road bordering left side. Green is nestled among a small cluster of trees.






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