Joint Schools Construction Board

This page contains documents and information pertinent to the Joint School Construction Board's operations including documents, meeting information, and it's charter. Please visit the JSCB's Schedule & Attendance webpage for information on how to attend the next meeting.

What is the JSCB?

The Joint School Construction Board (JSCB) is a governing body created to finance and construct large scale school reconstruction without needing to issue City bonds.

JSCBs are not unique to the city of Syracuse. State law allows New York State cities, which are subject to debt limits, the ability to create such governing bodies which are jointly run by executive roles in city government and the local school district.

Quick Facts

  • The Syracuse JSCB was created in 2006 by the New York State Legislature. It was modeled on the first JSCB which was created for Buffalo in 2000.
  • Subsequent JSCBs have been created for the cities of Rochester and Yonkers.
  • Syracuse JSCB completes school reconstruction projects in phases.
    • Phase I was completed in 2013
    • Phase II was authorized by NYS Legislature in 2013 and amended in 2014. It is scheduled to be completed in 2022
    • Phase III has been approved by NYS Governor Hochul
    • Phase IV is in the planning stage