#Syracuse: Photography Series

Aiden Media Photo o Syracuse

Photo Credit: Aiden Media

Syracuse is a beautiful city with full winters, green springs, exciting summers, and foliage-filled falls. The city's skyline and architecture are tied to world-class builders and urban designers. It's important to tell the story of Syracuse in written and visual content. We are looking to the talented photography community of our city to help us tell that story—especially on syr.gov. 

Will you help us tell a more beautiful visual story about our city?

Photo Requirements

  • Aerial or Scenic Photography
  • Photos must feature landscapes of Syracuse
  • Taken within the year 2023 and 2024
  • Minimum 4,000 pixels and 300dpi; preferred 16x9 (or wide) ratio
  • Must be shot in the City of Syracuse
  • Aerial Photography must be from licensed drone operators 
  • Must be an entirely unique original work with all material taken by the entrant


  • Images must be submitted through #UnSplash
  • Must be tagged #Syracuse
  • Images must be in .jpg or .png file format
  • Features are limited to 2 per year per photographer


  • Selections are made each Fall and Spring/Summer
  • Photographers will receive a letter of recognition, a photo credit with their feature, and a link to their portfolio or website

Legal Information

Photo submissions by entrants represents an acknowledgement that he or she has full power and authority to enter the photograph as entirely their own creative work, and that the work doesn’t infringe any copyright or violate any other intellectual property rights. The entrant understands upon submission they indemnify the City of Syracuse from any and all third party claims arising from the photograph and releases the image into the public domain for usage by city government.