Apply for an Exterior Demolition Permit

Both Residential and Commercial demolition work will require a permit. If you are looking to demolish a primary structure, porch, garage or building, this page can provide you with information on how to obtain a permit.

Interior demolition permits will be applied for as part of your building permit application. Please see the "Questions?" section below for more information.


Who can get a demolition permit?

Most requests for demolition permits come from professional contractors. But homeowners can apply for one too. The process is the same.

Application Steps:

Step 1.Health and safety certifications

Before you can demolish a building, you need to make sure that you won’t release harmful substances into the air, like asbestos. You’ll need:

  • A copy of your asbestos survey
  • An asbestos abatement letter
  • An air monitoring certificate 

Step 2.Insurance and workers' compensation information

We need to know that the people working on your project are insured. You’ll need to show us:

  • A liability insurance certificate that is specific to the location you’re working on that insures the City of Syracuse (as an additionally insured party under the plan)
  • Workers’ Compensation waiver (CE-200) (if the contractor doesn’t have Workers’ Compensation Insurance)
  • Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance that names the City of Syracuse as the certificate holder
  • A Health Certificate from Onondaga County (call the Health Department at 315-435-1649)

Step 3.Water and hydrant information

Before a building can be demolished, you need to make sure the water supply is turned off. To do this:

  • Call the Water Department at 315-473-8340
  • Ask to have the fire and domestic water service turned off — as well as the supply to any nearby hydrants
  • Pay the $1,000 fee for turning off the domestic water supply

Step 4.Submit your request/Apply for your demolition permit

Please apply online here

Step 5.Schedule a site visit (if needed)

Smaller residential projects don’t need an inspection from the zoning office. But you will need an inspection if you’re working on a commercial project (including a residential building with 4 or more units).

If your demolition requires an inspection, call us at 315-448-8695 to set up an appointment.


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