Central Permit Office


The Central Permit Office (CPO) helps residents and businesses request permission for different types of projects in the city.

For example, the Central Permit Office helps:

  • Residents get permits for home improvement projects, like putting up a fence or building an addition
  • Businesses get licenses and improve and inspect their properties

Note that it can take time for us to process your permit application, depending on what you need.

Online Permitting Center

The city is actively moving its permitting process online to make the application process easier and more accessible to home and business owners. The Central Permit Office continues to offer permits through the Online Permit Portal. Before you build or begin your next project, learn where you can locate your business or residence in the City of Syracuse by visiting our online Zoning and Permitting Discovery PortalIf you have questions, call the Zoning Team at 315-448-8640 or email us at Zoning@socpa.net


Online Permit Portal  Permit Status Checker



Self Service

Start by reviewing the information on this website. Then, contact the specific department if you need more help.