What Do I Do About Snow?

When it snows, we clear the streets. Find your location on our snow plowing map [add link to map]. Homeowners and landlords are responsible for clearing the snow off the sidewalk in front their home.

Who clears the snow off my sidewalk?

Property owners must keep the sidewalk in front of their home clear of snow and ice.

The sidewalks in my neighborhood are never shoveled, what can I do?

Fill out this form to tell us where the unshoveled area is, or call us at 315-448-2489. We will do XX

My driveway or lawn was damaged or dug up by a city plow/payloader. What can I do?

If a city plow damages your property, fill out our on-line service request form or call us at 315-448-2489 and we will make repairs.

If we decide that the city didn’t cause the damage, you’ll need to pay for the repair. If you don’t agree, you can file a claim with our Law Department by calling 315-448-8400. They will look into the case and get back to you with a decision.

When will my street be cleared of snow?