Mayor Walsh Shares In-Depth Look at 2022 Road Reconstruction

Published on May 09, 2022

City continues to implement Smart City strategies using data and technology to plan projects

DPW and Department of Engineering will reconstruct at least 24 miles of city streets

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is announcing this season’s road repairs with an in-depth look at planned projects for 2022.  The road reconstruction projects will be completed by the City’s Department of Public Works (DPW), Department of Engineering, and its contractors, using local, state and federal funds.

The plan includes reconstruction of at least 24 miles of roads with projects in every quadrant of the city. The Syracuse Common Council is expected to act on the plan at its May 9 regular meeting.

“We are ramping up our efforts to use Smart City solutions and tools to repair our roads and better serve our residents,” said Mayor Walsh. “I appreciate the Common Council’s support for funding of road reconstruction and am proud of the progress we’ve made in repairing our streets. By giving residents the information they need to know about the extent of road closures, I’m confident we all can work together to navigate another season of road construction as safely and easily as possible.”

Using a variety of metrics such as observations, Cityline data, spatial data, and technology to assess road conditions, the City is able to identify what roads are most in need of repair. The Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council rates the city’s roads each year. Roads with a rating of 10 are in excellent condition whereas roads with a rating of 1 are in very poor condition. DPW will be addressing a majority of streets that have poor ratings as part of the 2022 reconstruction season.

List of Planned DPW Work

Street From To
Alexander Avenue MLK Boulevard Cortland Avenue
Allen Street East Genesee Street East Fayette Street
Arlington Avenue Glenwood Avenue Onondaga Park
Avery Avenue Grand Avenue West Genesee Street
Cannon Street West Colvin Street West Ostander Avenue
Carbon Street Butternut Street Court Street
Clairmonte Avenue Bellevue Avenue Crossett Street
Coolidge Avenue Tallman Street Cheney Street
East Borden Avenue South Salina Street Garfield Avenue
East Colvin Street Comstock Avenue Buckingham Avenue
East Fayette Street South Beech Street Almond Street
East Water Street Almond Street State Street
Elmhurst Avenue Hatch Street South Avenue
Farmer Street Sedgwick Drive Dewitt Street
Hawley Avenue Lodi Street Catherine Street
Helen Street Rugby Road Grant Boulevard
Herald Place North Clinton Street Wallace Street
Hillview Avenue South Avenue Summitt Avenue
Hood Avenue Butternut Street Court Street
James Street Warren Street North McBride Street
Landon Avenue West Kennedy Street Beard Avenue
Lodi Street Butternut Street North Salina Street
Lynwood Avenue James Street Tyson Place
Maryland Avenue Clarendon Street Westminster Avenue
Milton Avenue Tompkins Street West Genesee Street
Moore Avenue East Colvin Street Smith Lane
Nelson Street West Fayette Street Marcellus Street
North Crouse Avenue Burnet Avenue Lodi Street
North Franklin Street Willow Street West Fayette Street
North Lowell Avenue Tompkins Street West Genesee Street
Oneida Street Temple Street Tallman Street
Parkway Drive South Avenue Onondaga Park
Peat Street Erie Boulevard East Burnet Avenue
Robineau Road Crossett Street Strathmore Drive
Robinson Street Sedgwick Street Sunnycrest Lot
Rose Avenue South McBride Street Oakwood Avenue
Slocum Avenue Onondaga Avenue Shonnard Street
South Avery Avenue Grand Avenue West Genesee Street
South Carbon Street Grumbach Avenue Butternut Street
South Clinton Street West Jefferson Street Taylor Street
South Franklin Street Willow Street West Fayette Street
South Geddes Street Rowland Street Glenwood Ave
South Midler Avenue Burnet Avenue James Street
Spencer Street Genant Drive Van Rensselaer Street
Standish Drive Bradford Parkway Euclid Avenue
Valley Drive South Avenue West Newell Street
Walnut Avenue Erie Boulevard East Waverly Avenue
Walnut Place Harrison Street Waverly Avenue
Waverly Avenue Comstock Avenue Ostrom Avenue
West Bear Street Genant Drive Spencer Street
West Brighton Avenue Onondaga Creek Boulevard South State Street
West Jefferson Street Clinton Street Around Circle
Westminster Avenue Kensington Road Dead End
Westmoreland Avenue Erie Boulevard East East Genesee Street
Whittier Avenue Avery Avenue Wilbur Avenue
Wilkinson Street Van Rensselaer Street North Geddes Street
Woodland Avenue South State Street Garfield Avenue
Wyoming Street West Fayette Street Gifford Street

“Since we partnered with SMTC to rate our roads, we have been able to get the full picture of road conditions in the city each season,” said Chief Operating Officer Corey Driscoll Dunham. “This allows us to target the areas of greatest need and make sure we allocate our efforts and resources as efficiently as possible.”

Public Communication on Road Reconstruction

This year, the City has a new public-facing web map to communicate to residents where work is being done throughout the road construction season. The online digital map highlights the portions of streets that will undergo full road repair. Each road on the digital map also contains popups with information on project details, such as the road rating and length of road repairs.  The stand-alone map can be found at

The City’s Engineering Department is planning work on 2.75 miles of road with two major Dig-Once projects:

  • Butternut Street from Grant Boulevard to Hillside Street
  • West Genesee Street from North Salina Street to the City of Syracuse-Town of Geddes line

Dig Once projects signify an enhanced level of coordination with utility providers (water, sewer, telecommunication, gas, etc.) with the goal of replacing and repairing as much underground infrastructure as possible to minimize any future excavations made in newly paved roads.

Other City road projects include:

  • East Brighton Avenue from Ainsley Drive to East Glen Avenue will receive a new bridge deck and undergo road repairs
  • East Colvin Street from South Salina Street to Jamesville Avenue will be milled and paved
  • South Clinton Street from West Jefferson Street to Taylor Street will be converted to a two-way street during its mill and pave

For questions about upcoming and ongoing road construction, residents and businesses can contact Cityline via the app, online, social media, or call at (315) 448-CITY (2489). Residents can also visit the 2022 Road Reconstruction project page at throughout the year to track the progress of work.


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