Mayor Walsh Says Gov Hochul's Plans Answer Call on Priorities for NYS

Published on January 10, 2023

“Governor Hochul’s State of the State answers the call on critical issues facing Syracuse and cities around the state. Her commitment to build 800,000 more units of housing aligns with our Resurgent Neighborhoods Initiative in Syracuse and will help our city and region address the growing need for quality, affordable housing for all individuals and families. The Governor also announced more funding for infrastructure which is essential for Syracuse to prepare for growth and build strong neighborhoods. More funding, treatment beds and housing to address unmet mental health needs for children and adults is critical to Syracuse and communities all over New York. Additionally, she is proposing the largest investment ever in the State's Gun Involved Violence Elimination initiative (GIVE), a program that saves lives in the communities hit hardest by gun violence across the state. Governor Hochul has been a strong partner in building positive momentum for Syracuse and Central New York. We appreciate her continued partnership to ensure we can create opportunity for all.”