Mayor Walsh Announces Release of Trash Cart Rollout Fact Sheet

Published on February 01, 2023

Syracuse, N.Y. – Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced the release of a new fact sheet regarding the City’s plan to roll out new, 95-gallon lidded trash carts to residents for semi-automated pick-up by sanitation crews. The Syracuse Common Council is currently considering ordinance changes necessary to implement the program. 

“The health and safety of our residents and staff are our biggest concern,” said Mayor Walsh. “By following best practices and engaging the community for its input, we can create safer work environments for our employees and cleaner neighborhoods for our residents in a way that is convenient, consistent and equitable.” 

Carts will be delivered to residents in a two-phased approach this year. Beginning this summer, carts will roll out to 20% of daily routes first before hitting all remaining routes later in the year. Residents will receive notifications on what phase they are in, how to use their cart once they get it, and resources to answer any further questions or concerns. 

According to the fact sheet, “Rolling lidded trash carts with semi-automated pick-up have been proven to be a more convenient, sanitary, and safe way to pick up solid residential waste in municipalities across the country. These changes in solid waste collection mark an investment in neighborhoods, residents, and staff that will reduce costs, increase worker safety, and improve City services.” 

The City plans to introduce recycling carts next in 2024.