Statement from Mayor Walsh on Improved Sanitation Service

Published on March 27, 2023

Statement by Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh:

“Better sanitation service that’s safer for the city workforce is coming to Syracuse. With Common Council action today, we can move forward with the rollout of uniform lidded trash carts for the use of semi-automated pickup on our sanitation trucks. We will launch the first phase of the new program to about 6,800 properties this summer. Based on what we learn in phase one, we plan to launch citywide later in the year. The new system will improve service for residents; reduce trash and litter that is blown around the city; and, importantly, lower injuries to our sanitation workers. While we remain concerned about the viability of continuing service to large apartment complexes under the new system, we’re committed to implementing the program and look forward working with the Council to make additional improvements to the process in the near future.”