City Seeks Input on Surveillance Technology for Code Enforcement

Published on May 11, 2023

The City of Syracuse is seeking community input on proposed surveillance technology, a requirement of Mayor Walsh’s Executive Order No. 2. The Division of Code Enforcement is considering the use of body worn cameras for codes Inspectors.  These cameras would be used to document the conditions of the properties they enter, as evidence for inspections, and to assist with the safety and efficiency of inspectors while in the field.

This footage would be collected only for use of code enforcement officers as local government agents.  If this technology is approved, the Division of Code Enforcement will develop policy to govern their use, similar to the existing Syracuse Police Department Body Worn Camera policy. Each code enforcement officer would be trained on this policy before receiving their camera.

The City’s Surveillance Technology Working Group, appointed by Mayor Ben Walsh, will accept public comment on the proposed technology for 14 days, beginning Thursday, May 11h through Thursday, May 25th. To submit a comment, residents can visit

Mayor Walsh signed the Surveillance Technology Executive Order in 2020, ensuring residents have input on proposed uses of surveillance technologies by the City of Syracuse. The Surveillance Technology Executive Order puts in place policies and procedures for oversight on how the city pays for such technology and ensures that surveillance tools are used in a safe and well-governed way.

The group is managed by the Office of Accountability, Performance and Innovation and is made up of City of Syracuse staff, community advocates, and technology and ethics experts. Questions regarding the review of surveillance technology can be directed to