Mayor Walsh Appoints Vincent Scipione to Smart City Manager

Published on July 12, 2023

2023 07 12 HEADSHOT Vincent Scipione.jpg


Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced the appointment of Vincent Scipione to the City of Syracuse’s Smart City Manager. As Smart City Manager, Scipione will develop data-driven smart city infrastructure and programs. Scipione will work closely with other City Departments such as the Office of Analytics, Performance and Innovation (API) and Information Technology to bring together a diverse set of government, academic and private sector partners.

Reporting to the Director of Strategic Initiatives, this role plays a key part in Syracuse Surge strategy – the Mayor’s strategy for inclusive growth in the New Economy. Scipione will support the development and implementation of local digital equity plans, including the Community Broadband Program, to address the digital divide in Syracuse.  He will monitor the effectiveness of projects using Internet of Things and other “smart” systems to enable more efficient and equitable city operations. He will also ensure projects maintain alignment with data, privacy and surveillance related policies and plans.

Scipione previously worked in a technical capacity at Caterpillar, Inc. and SIDEARM Sports. In his previous roles, he developed cloud-based infrastructure, automated deployment tools and managed digital product launches.

Scipione earned his Master of Science in Information Management from Syracuse University (SU) with the addition of a Certificate of Advanced Study in Data Science, and his Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Technology. Scipione has since returned to SU as an Adjunct Professor in the iSchool. He is a 2022 graduate of FOCUS Greater Syracuse’s Citizens Academy and a founding member of the Salt Springs Neighborhood Association.