Common Council Approval of ARPA Funds Will Build Better Neighborhoods

Published on August 14, 2023

Statement by Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh:

“The Syracuse Common Council’s approval Monday of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for the Children Rising Center and Resurgent Neighborhood Initiative (RNI) affordable home construction will help build better neighborhoods in Syracuse.  

Consistent with our ARPA strategy, $2 million will advance the Blueprint 15 Children Rising Center, a multipurpose facility in the New 15th Ward. It will include an early learning center, a parent/child play center and a YMCA wellness program. $4 million in pandemic relief will help to offset the cost of developing forty new construction single family homes for income-qualified owner occupants. As part of the RNI Infill Housing Plan, the houses will be built on scattered sites helping lift up streets and neighborhoods around the city.

I thank the Council for its partnership in ensuring ARPA funds are being used to invest in children, families and neighborhoods and continue Syracuse’s recovery from COVID-19.”


Note: the Common Council also approved ARPA funding in the amount of $34,900 in support of the Community Broadband Pilot and $1 million for the Community Violence Implementation Plan – Syracuse Safer Streets Program.