Mayor Walsh Announces Closure of Alpine Bar and Gentlemen's Club

Published on November 15, 2023

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced the City of Syracuse issued an immediate closure notice Wednesday at the Alpine Bar and Gentlemen’s Club at 401 Butternut Street. The adult entertainment club failed to comply with the requirements of a Nuisance Abatement Order issued last year after a series of arrests for harassment, assault, and weapons charges at the Northside bar.

According to the closure notice, the Alpine did not maintain the required number of onsite licensed security guards, failed to comply with the 2 a.m. closure requirement, did not ensure the premises were cleared of all customers by 2:30 a.m. and did not install security cameras and lighting, as mandated by the April 2022 nuisance order.

“The Alpine is a persistent nuisance. Despite ample warnings, it has failed to take the required steps to ensure the safety of the community. That will not be tolerated. The City of Syracuse will take the actions necessary to protect residents and our neighborhood business corridors,” said Mayor Walsh.

The City sent Alpine’s owners a Notice of Default in August, informing them that the location was not meeting the terms of the nuisance order. During a joint inspection of the club by the New York State Liquor Authority and Syracuse Police in mid-September, the bar continued to be deficient in the required number of security staffing.

Under the terms of the closure notice, the Alpine and the space it occupies must remain closed for one year.