Crawfish Festival and Mountain Goat Run Traffic Advisory

Published on May 02, 2023

Clinton Square in Downtown will again host the annual Crawfish Festival on Saturday, May 6 and Mountain Goat Run on Sunday, May 7.

To safely prepare and execute these two events, the following streets will be closed to vehicular traffic according to the schedule listed below:

Friday, May 5 through Sunday, May 7

  • West Water Street, from Clinton Street to Franklin Street, will become a two-way from 9:00 a.m. on Friday, May 5, through Sunday afternoon, May 7.
  • Erie Boulevard West, from Clinton Street to Franklin Street, will be closed from 9:00 p.m. on Friday, May 5, through Sunday afternoon, May 7.
  • Clinton Street, from Genesee Street to Washington Street, will be closed from 9:00 p.m. on Friday, May 5, through Sunday afternoon, May 7.


In addition, the following streets will be closed to traffic during the approximate time frames listed for the race:

Street name From To Approx. Approx.
time closed time opened
Start Salina St. at Clinton Square W. Onondaga St. 9:00am 9:40am
Clinton Square
Right onto W. Salina St. Onondaga Ave. 9:00am 9:55am
Onondaga St.
Bear left onto W. Onondaga St. Bellevue Ave. 9:15am 9:55am
Onondaga Ave.
Right on Bellevue Ave Onondaga Ave. Summit Ave. 9:15am 10:00am
Left on Summit Ave Bellevue Ave. Stolp Ave. 9:20am 10:10am
Right on Stolp Ave. Summit Ave. Hancock Dr. 9:20am 10:15am
Left on Hancock Dr. Stolp Ave. Arden Dr. 9:20am 10:25am
Left on Arden Dr. Hancock Dr. Carlton Rd. 9:20am 10:30am
Right on Carlton Rd. Arden Dr. Strathmore Dr. 9:25am 10:35am
Continue on Carlton Rd. Continue on Strathmore Dr. 9:30am 10:35am
Strathmore Dr. (crossing Geddes St.)
Continue on Strathmore Dr. Roberts Ave. 9:30am 10:40am
Strathmore Dr./W. Colvin Ave.
Left on Roberts Ave. and into Upper Onondaga Park Strathmore Summit Ave. 9:30am 10:45am
Dr./W. Colvin
Exit part at Summit Upper Lower 9:30am 10:45am
Ave. and right onto Onondaga Park Onondaga Park
Park Dr.
Lower Onondaga Park Park Dr Creekwalk 9:30am 10:50am
Right onto Creekwalk Lower Onondaga 9:35am 11:05am
Onondaga Park Creek Blvd.
Continue on Onondaga Creek Blvd. Creekwalk W. Colvin St. 9:40am 11:10am
Left on W. Colvin St. Onondaga E. Colvin St. 9:40am 11:15pm
Creek Pkwy.
Continue on E. Colvin W. Colvin St. Comstock Ave. 9:45am 11:15pm
Left on Comstock Ave. E. Colvin St. University Pl. 9:50am 11:15pm
Right on University Place into Thornden Park Comstock Ave. Thornden Park 9:50am 11:25pm
Exit Thornden Park down Madison St. University Pl. Madison St. 9:55am 11:30pm
Right on S. Crouse Ave. Madison St. E. Genesee St 9:55am 11:35pm
Left on E. Genesee St. S. Crouse Ave. E. Onondaga St 10:00am 11:40pm
Left on E. Onondaga St. E. Genesee St. E. Jefferson St 10:00a 11:45pm
Right on E. Jefferson E. Onondaga St. S. Salina St 10:05am 11:45pm
Right on S. Salina St. E. Jefferson St. Clinton Square 10:05am 11:50pm
Finish at Clinton Square 7:00am 1:00pm


All time frames are approximate.

Vehicle traffic will not be allowed access through the race route during the above times. No parking will be allowed on South Salina Street, from Water Street to Jefferson Street.

Follow the link to the Crawfish Festival Website for more details: Crawfish Festival | Operation Northern Comfort (

Follow the link for the Mountain Goat Run Website for more details: 2023 Upstate Orthopedics Mountain Goat Run (45th Annual)