Kahssia Hills-Days Appointed to Director of Digital Services

Published on March 28, 2024

2024 03 19 HEADSHOT Kahssia Hills-Days.jpg

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced the appointment of Kahssia Hills-Days to Director of Digital Services in the Office of Analytics, Performance and Innovation. In this role, Hills-Days is responsible for modernizing the City’s existing digital infrastructure and implementing new systems. She is also responsible for leveraging technology that will support improvements to constituent-facing and back-office services. 

Hills-Days will work to create a sustainable and simplified digital landscape for government functions, increasing public confidence and improving the City’s ability to manage its data. She will design, develop, and implement a strategic plan for the City’s digital services improvements that aligns with policy and technology management. She will also direct cross-functional digital systems planning and coordination.

Prior to her role with the City of Syracuse, Hills-Days worked as a data analyst for Stripe, the online payment processor, where she collected, analyzed, and interpreted complex financial data to drive business decisions, and supported the automation of inefficient manual processes.

Hills-Days is certified in CompTIA Security+. She received her bachelor’s degree in information management and technology from Syracuse University.