LeMoyne Area Neighborhood Development Strategy (LANDS)


The Le Moyne  Area Neighborhood Development Strategy  (LANDS)  investigates  the  needs  and opportunities present  within the neighborhood areas that surround the campus of  Le Moyne College in the City  of  Syracuse and the  Town of  DeWitt  within Onondaga County, as well as needs and opportunities for  improving the physical  and social  relationships between the campus and those neighborhoods.  To develop LANDS, the project team utilized a Study Area of  approximately  two square miles bounded by Erie Boulevard, Genesee Street, Salt Springs Road, and Seeley  Road.  The  western portion of  this area is located in the City  of  Syracuse, the eastern portion is in the  Town of  DeWitt.  The Le Moyne College Campus occupies 160 acres in the center  of  this area. 

The neighborhood areas within the City of Syracuse and Town of DeWitt are governed by different economic and political circumstances, and are influenced by the presence of Le Moyne College. One of two higher education institutions located within the City of Syracuse. The Le Moyne campus occupies 160 acres, includes 48 buildings, and is home to about 3,400 students a year. It's impact on the surrounding neighborhood is significant, and conversely, so is the impact of the surrounding neighborhoods on Le Moyne. This plan identifies areas of symbiosis, and offers tangible strategies that can be undertaken individually and collectively by the City, Town, and college to improve the neighborhoods within the LANDS Study Area for the mutual benefit of each and the public.


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