Law Department

The Department of Law is lead by the Corporation Counsel and handles all legal affairs for the City. This team provides legal advice and support to the Mayor, the Common Council, and various city departments and agencies. The Law Department also processes FOIL requests and claims made against the City.

As attorneys for the City, the Corporation Counsel is not able to provide legal advice or representation to constituents. Citizens seeking legal advice or representation can contact the Onondaga County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service. However, the Law department does perform some services for the public. 

Staff Attorney Roster

Corporation Counsel

Susan R. Katzoff

1st Assistant Corporation Counsel

Joseph W. Barry III

Senior Assistant Corporation Counsel

Todd M. Long

Lee R. Terry

First Assistant Senior Corporation Counsels

John C. Black Jr.

Catherine E. Carnrike

Amanda R. Harrington

Danielle B. Pires

Meghan E. Ryan

Danielle R. Smith

Assistant Corporation Counsel

Darienn P. Balin

John J. Connor

Valerie T. Didamo

Gregory P. Fair

Meira N. Hertzberg

Trevor McDaniel

Patrick J. Parkinson

Meir Teitelbaum

Zachary Waksman









Service of process or papers via facsimile or other electronic method is not acceptable