Syracuse Financial Empowerment Center

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The Syracuse Financial Empowerment Center is a free service to all residents in and around the city of Syracuse, providing professional, one-to-one financial counseling.

How do I sign up for financial counseling? 

The first step is signing up for your appointment. It's easy to register for online or call 315-474-1939 ext. 5.

What should I expect?

The content of your first session will vary depending on your financial stresses and how you identify your goals. Your counselor will ask you about your financial goals such as wanting to save for school; buying a car; building credit; or simply budgeting for monthly expenses, debt relief, and even retirement. From there, you and your counselor will collaborate to create tangible next steps.


Our Services

  • Financial counseling at no cost to you, online or in person
  • 1:1 private sessions with Spanish speaking counselors available
  • Set goals, reduce debt, increase savings, build credit, student loans, tax relief, banking & so much more




Success Stories

Shanay B.


Shanay came to the FEC to clarify if she was focusing on the right things. Working with Jasminn, Shanay was able to create a budget and pay off her debt. With a "health and wealth mindset". Shanay is on her way to buying a car and a home!

Carlos G.


"I was having a very tough time with my finances and I was struggling to pay things on time. Now, I have created savings for different things. I have paid off my car, and I have been able to save money for my first house. I have learned a lot and the FEC has made a huge difference in my life!"

Barbara G.


"I have met with Audriana three times and with each session I understand better how it all works. I look forward to buying a home and I learned that New York State offers financial assistance to first time homebuyers and Home Headquarters offers classes on homebuyer education in Spanish. I had no idea!"