Neighborhood and Business Development

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We help create thriving neighborhoods, communities, and business districts throughout the city of Syracuse by working with residents and stakeholders to improve our neighborhoods and business districts, and address quality of life concerns.


Neighborhood Development

The Division of Neighborhood Development supports residential and economic growth by:

  1. Administering federal, state, and local funding programs
  2. connecting organizations with grants and other resources


We partner with residents, developers, and community organizations and agencies to preserve and improve our neighborhoods.

Our work includes:

  • Working with residents to improve our neighborhoods and address quality of life concerns
  • Administering grants that support community-driven development
  • Developing high-quality affordable housing


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Business Development

The Division of business Development works with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and commercial developers to promote equitable and diverse economic growth.

Our work includes:

  • Creating access to funding opportunities for business creation, retention, and relocation
  •  Promoting business development opportunities and resources
  • Facilitating communication between City departments and local businesses 

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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement serves as the first line of defense for maintaining safe and healthy housing. Code Enforcement addresses deteriorating homes, vacant, and blighted properties, and general neighborhood decline. Code Enforcement ensures that properties meet minimum requirements for property maintenance and safe construction.

Code Enforcement houses services in:

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Planning and Sustainability

The Division of City Planning and Sustainability creates plans and other administrative tools related to land use, zoning, historic preservation, public art, brownfield management, and urban design. Also, the Division works with individual City departments to create plans that guide operations in the most effective and efficient manner.

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