Municipal Sidewalk Program


Initiated in 2021, the Municipal Sidewalk Program (MSP) is a planned maintenance program that annually enhances and expands the City’s network of sidewalks. The City uses data from several sources to inform where improvements are made, focusing on areas of high pedestrian demand.

Residents may report hazardous sidewalk conditions to Cityline at (315)448-CITY (2489) where they will be reviewed in the planning process for future work under the MSP. MSP work is not performed by request.


What to Expect

What to expect during construction? 

City contractors will post notices before work starts. The DPW and contractors work to minimize disruptions, but there will be periods of time in which driveways will be inaccessible to facilitate concrete curing and work area restoration, typically 2 to 3 weeks. The DPW appreciates your patience as we work to update sidewalks and improve our City’s public infrastructure. Street parking may be temporarily restricted along work areas.

Sidewalk work will include new or repaired concrete sidewalks, and may also include related items as necessary, including but not limited to:

  • New Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Corner Ramps
  • New Street Tree Installations in Collaboration With City Forestry
  • New Green Space Areas and Asphalt Removal
  • Driveway Adjustment
  • Curbing
  • Encroaching Items; Fencing, Hedges, Steps and Walls

If you have questions about sidewalk work, please contact Cityline at 315-448-CITY(2489) or use the SYRCityline App.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my driveway and grass to be restored after work done?

Restoration of driveways and grass areas takes place after the new sidewalk has time to cure. This work will take place 1 to 4 weeks after the new sidewalk has been poured, depending on site context and weather.

Can I request sidewalk work?

Municipal Sidewalk Program work is not performed by request.

Property owners can still choose to have their sidewalk replaced through a private contractor, for which the property owner must cover the cost. A permit is required for this; call the Permit Desk at (315)448-4754. You may request an estimate from the Department of Public Works. Please call Cityline (315)448-CITY (2489) for further information.  Please note that property owners who elect to replace their sidewalk do so at their own cost and would not be subject to an exemption of the annual municipal sidewalk fee.

What will happen if a tree needs to be removed because of the sidewalk repair?

The City Forestry Department works with DPW to determine the best approach to decrease the disturbance to street trees. This collaboration also allows the City to develop new spaces for trees during sidewalk installations. If you have a question about a street tree, please visit the Tree Services page.

What are the costs associated with the Municipal Sidewalk Program? 

The MSP is supported by a yearly fee applied to every property in the City. If you have a question about the fee, or your tax bill, please contact the Assessment Department at (315)448-8270. This fee supports sidewalk projects across the City, and supplemental snow clearing on select high-volume roadways and near major destinations like Schools and Community Centers.



During winter months, please remember that your sidewalks must be clear of snow and ice. By ordinance, anyone with a sidewalk parallel to any public street, must clear and keep cleared any snow or ice which has accumulated on the surface. This clearing of the snow and ice must be cleared by 6 p.m. of the day following the accumulation. Residents must not deposit snow or ice into the street, sidewalk, or park located within the city. 
Learn more about the City's supplemental sidewalk snow removal program to keep pedestrian routes clear in the winter.