American Rescue Plan

Syracuse Mayoral Funding Priority Areas:


What is ARPA?

The American Rescue Plan Act provides a substantial infusion of resources to help local communities address the pandemic, its economic fallout, and lay the foundation for a strong and equitable recovery. 

The American Rescue Plan is part of President Biden's agenda to provide government aid to replace the money local governments like the City of Syracuse spent providing coronavirus emergency response. This funding restores services to cities. Funds can be used in various ways by cities, towns, and villages.  


Syracuse is using ARPA to fund

Jobs and Economic Recovery
  • Create careers and jobs in trades and technology related fields
  • Boost small businesses and business activity in minority and underinvested neighborhoods 
  • Distribute grants for arts and culture 
Children, Families, and Neighborhoods
  • Strategic investments for new housing construction and rehabilitation
  • Lead remediation
  • Youth employment
  • Violence intervention
  • Family, youth, and seniors assistance through community centers
Government Resilience
  • Enable revenue restoration including fire training and emergency response
  • Public safety and police accountability
  • Programs for diversionary response to mental health-related police calls
  • Digital infrastructure and cybersecurity for government
Infrastructure and Public Spaces
  • Enabling the City to pursue municipal sidewalks
  • Bus rapid transit traffic signal prioritization
  • I-81 planning
  • Creating jobs for I-81
  • Broadband access
  • Water infrastructure projects
  • Urban forest tree planting
  • Neighborhood parks improvements and maintenance 


ARPA Progress Tracker 

Viewing overall ARPA project and spending progress . The City of Syracuse is committed to transparent reporting. Amounts that have been budgeted across projects are updated weekly on the dashboard and may vary over time. The City will proactively share information on changing project plans. Questions about projects can be sent to

Project Progress:

Planning: Project plan has been submitted and is pending Common Council approval.
In Progress: Project has been approved by Common Council and the budget has been set.
Complete: Project Spending and outputs have been completed.

Spending Progress:

Budgeted: Amount approved by Council to be spent. This amount can vary. eg. more money can be budgeted for a project if required.
Authorized: Authorized amount from federal government ($123 million).
Money Spent: The sum of expenditures and money encumbered (financially committed).


View funding across other ARPA categories  



Resilient Cities: American Rescue Plan Stories

In Syracuse, Mayor Ben Walsh promised to focus American Rescue Plan Act funding on securing a bold future for the city, it's residents, businesses, and visitors. Check back on this section for multimedia stories on how the city is keeping its promise and making real change that can be seen, heard, and resonate for generations. From building new homes, funding arts programs, and providing small business bridge loans to providing rent relief for middle-income residents, your stories are important and we want to hear them. Let us know how American Rescue Plan Act funding has touched your life. Send your stories and testimonials to

Initiative Feedback

Do you have questions about Mayor Walsh's plan for spending American Rescue Plan Act dollars? We welcome your feedback and input at