Funding for Investing in Jobs and Economic Recovery



Investing in Jobs and Economic Recovery  

The City will use ARPA funds to address the negative economic impacts of the pandemic. The City will make purposeful investments in the Syracuse Surge, our strategy for inclusive growth in the New Economy, and in the Syracuse Build program to ensure the local workforce and businesses are prepared to get to work on the Interstate 81 viaduct project. The City will also invest in business districts and arts and culture to foster a comprehensive economic recovery and revitalization as we recover from the pandemic. 


Project Progress 

Projects in Investing in Jobs and Economic Recovery. The City of Syracuse is committed to transparent reporting. Amounts that have been budgeted across projects are updated weekly on the dashboard and may vary over time. The City will proactively share information on changing project plans. Questions about projects can be sent to

Project Progress:

Planning: Project plan has been submitted and is pending Common Council approval.
In Progress: Project has been approved by Common Council and the budget has been set.
Complete: Project Spending and outputs have been completed.

Spending Progress:

Budgeted: Amount approved by Council to be spent. This amount can vary. eg. more money can be budgeted for a project if required.
Authorized: Authorized amount from federal government ($123 million).
Money Spent: The sum of expenditures and money encumbered (financially committed).

Advancing the Workforce and Expanding Job Opportunities 

Syracuse Build / Syracuse Surge

Includes funding to expand Syracuse Build Apprenticeship programs; establish new Syracuse Surge paid training programs for high-tech sector jobs; create a new Syracuse Applied Trades & Technology Career  Lab

Syracuse Minority Business One-Stop

Provide seed funding to establish a new program to assist minority businesses in the construction sector to become profitable, job-creating firms. The One-Stop will recruit, assist, train, mentor, and provide capital for minority firms to help them achieve consistent work and growth opportunities.


Accelerating Economic Recovery 

Redevelop Distressed Commercial Properties

Reimburse SIDA for COVID-19 grants issued in 2020 and enable acquisition and redevelopment of strategic commercial properties in the City to return them to productive use.  

Recapitalize SEDCO | Create Revolving Loan Fund

Recapitalize SEDCO for COVID-19 relief programs and enable support for commercial redevelopment projects, with a special focus on economically underinvested neighborhoods and minority-owned businesses. 

Resurgent Neighborhood Initiative I Commercial Corridor Improvement Fund

Establish a grant program to support building renovation and commercial corridor beautification projects to support business growth and attraction along key business corridors citywide. 


Reviving Arts & Culture 

Arts and Culture Recovery Fund

Implement an arts and culture grant program to consider proposals from not-for-profit arts and culture organizations. Ensure equity in fund allocation across five different funds: Innovation; Tourism and  Economic Development; Capacity Building; Arts Equity; and Individual Artists. This includes a ticket voucher program to encourage patrons to buy tickets to support live performances, local performing arts shows, and venues. 

"City as Canvas" Public Arts Initiative

Create a citywide public art program to provide creative and economic opportunities to the arts community and create an empowering landscape of imagery through the city. 


View funding across ARPA categories 


Resilient Cities: American Rescue Plan Stories

In Syracuse, Mayor Ben Walsh promised to focus American Rescue Plan Act funding on securing a bold future for the city, it's residents, businesses, and visitors. Check back on this section for multimedia stories on how the city is keeping its promise and making real change that can be seen, heard, and resonate for generations. From building new homes, funding arts programs, and providing small business bridge loans to providing rent relief for middle-income residents, your stories are important and we want to hear them. Let us know how American Rescue Plan Act funding has touched your life. Send your stories and testimonials to

Initiative Feedback

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