Home Construction

If you’re working on a home improvement project in the city, here are some helpful resources.

Home Construction

If you hire a contractor who is planning to keep construction equipment in a public space in the city, such as a sidewalk or a road (known as a right of way), you’ll need to send us these 3 forms:

Liability waiver permit

You can get a permit application by filling out our liability waiver form(PDF, 736KB) or calling us at 315-448-4754.

Certificate of insurance

Your contractor needs a certificate of insurance that insures the contractor and the City of Syracuse as an additionally insured party under the plan.

Maintenance and protection of traffic plan

Your contractor needs to send us a brief description of how traffic will be able to move while they are in the right of way. This plan needs to follow the New York State Manual of Uniform Traffic Standards.

It will take approximately 5 business days for us to review and approve your application.