Checklist for Commercial Permit Application

1. Construction documents

These may include:

  • Statement of Special Inspections
  • Geotechnical reports
  • Sufficient documentation to show compliance with the Code and all other codes, laws, ordinances, regulations, and more restrictive local standards

Relevant codes: NY 106.1, 106.2, 106.2.1

2. Documents showing compliance with the state energy code

Make sure to include all items required by the 2020 Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State.

When applicable, also include documentation related to the exterior wall envelope including but not limited to:

  • Flashing
  • Intersections at roof
  • Control joints
  • Parapets
  • Eaves
  • Means of drainage
  • Water resistive membrane including details at openings and penetrations
  • Exterior wall systems
  • Intersections at exterior balconies and elevated walking surfaces

Relevant codes: NY 106.1, 106.2, 106.2.1, 106.2.4, 106.2.5

3. Construction plans

Your plans must be drawn to scale and they must include:

  • Plans for all floors that document all portions of the means of egress including occupant loads
  • Clear definitions of location and limits of the work area(s) and scope for each separate work area
  • Site plan(s) that show all the new and existing structures and document exit discharge as part of the means of egress system
  • If the project includes alterations or repairs that affect the exterior, a copy of the property survey containing fire-separation distances, street grades, finished elevations, and when applicable, floodplain design documentation
  • If subdividing a space (expanding or reducing), include adequate information to show compliance for the remainder of the adjacent space(s)
  • For separated occupancies, document all separations between tenants and or occupancies
  • Show intake and exhaust discharge locations of any mechanical systems
  • Include roof covering and interior finish classes

Relevant codes: NY 106.2, 106.2.3, 106.2.6,,

4. Structural information

You must provide this information in accordance with the 2020 Building Code and 2020 Existing Building Code of New York State.

Relevant codes: 2020 Building Code of New York State 1603, NY 106.2.7

5. Shop drawings for fire protection systems

The building official must review these and find them acceptable before you start installing the system.

Relevant codes: NY 106.2.2

6. Proof of compliance with the 2020 Fire Code

This applies to all new structures and additions.

  • They must be drawn to scale
  • They must include:
    • A survey and detailed site plan that shows elevations and contours
    • Location of the building you are working on and all buildings that are directly next to it
    • Water service and the sewer and storm drainage
    • Building code analysis/code review for your specified occupancy
  • Structural plans must include complete foundation details, elevation and section views, and framing details
  • If your project costs more than $20,000 and includes structural changes to the building that could affect its safety, you'll need an architect or engineer's stamp on your construction drawings.