Pool locations

Get hours, locations, and schedules on our individual pool pages. 

Indoor pools 

Outdoor pools

Scheduled swimming times

On our pool schedules, you’ll see we set aside times for different types of swimming (and different types of swimmers). 

Open swim

Adult swim

  • Open to age 16 and up
  • Free
  • Note that pool may be divided for multiple uses and that you must “circle swim” (always swimming on the right side of the lane you’re in)
  • Available at Southwest Pool and Valley Pool

Lap/training swim

  • Open to all ages
  • $3 fee or 1 coupon
  •  Coupon booklets for lap swims (20 tickets for $55, 50 tickets for $125 for 50) are available at the Parks Main Office (412 Spencer Street, 13204) or at Valley Pool
  • Note that you’re expected to follow lap swimming etiquette — if you have questions, ask a staff member 
  • Available at Valley Pool


Anyone who swims in one of our pools has to follow our regulations — if you don’t, you will loose swimming privileges. Read the pool rules.

Swim Classes

Want to sign up for a swim class?

Find out what we’re offering at Syracuse.recdesk.com under "Programs"