New Covered Trash Carts Begin Arriving at Phase One Homes

Published on May 30, 2023

Phase One households must start using uniform trash carts the week of June 5 

New system will cut back on litter, make it easier for residents and reduce injuries to sanitation workers 

Covered trash carts start arriving at 6,800 properties in the City of Syracuse on Tuesday, May 30. Deliveries will continue all week. Households receiving the new carts – about 20% of residential properties in the city – will be required to use them for trash setouts beginning the week of June 5.  

Beginning June 5, city trash trucks equipped with “tipper arms” will help sanitation workers complete pickups. It is the first phase of a citywide rollout of modern sanitation service using uniform trash carts with semi-automated pickup similar to systems used across the nation. Later this year, the service will be implemented at the remaining 33,000 residential properties in the city. Covered recycling carts will be introduced in 2024.   

“Better sanitation service is on the way for the City of Syracuse. The new system is proven in municipalities all over the country,” said Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh. “It will cut back on litter in our neighborhoods, make it easier for property owners to set out their trash, and will reduce injuries experienced by our sanitation workers.” 

New carts are free of charge to residents and will be dropped off in front of properties in the first phase of the rollout between May 30 and June 2. Residents can determine if they are in the first phase by checking an online map

Phased launch will inform citywide rollout 

Phase one properties were selected in about a dozen different neighborhoods located in all quadrants of the city. Using data and input from city sanitation workers, streets were identified representing the wide range of conditions found in city neighborhoods, including traffic, parking, topography and setout space for carts. Information gained in the first phase of the program will be used to improve the implementation of the full citywide rollout. 

“This is a big change that will affect every single street and nearly every household. People will have to change habits they’ve built over the course of years, and that won’t be easy for us or our residents,” said Mayor Walsh. “We want to learn as much as we can in this first phase. That will make the full citywide rollout easier.” 

New carts will come with instructions on how to use them and what to do with old trash receptacles. Residents will be able to access online versions of the instructions in four languages (Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Nepali). Property owners with disabilities can contact Cityline at 315-448-CITY (2489) regarding special accommodations. 

Setout instructions 

For trash setouts, carts must be placed at the end of the driveway or between the sidewalk and the street after 6 p.m. on the evening before the designated setout day. For properties without driveways, place carts between the sidewalk and the street. The lid must be securely closed at the time of collection.  

Only bagged waste can be placed in carts. Unbagged materials are unacceptable. Waste cannot be placed outside of carts. This will be considered an illegal set-out and may be cited and fined. Recyclables must be placed in existing blue bins. 

Carts must be stored on the side of or behind the house/garage or in the garage when it is not the designated collection day. Carts must not be stored in front of residences.  

For an item that does not fit in a trash cart, including tires and furniture, please call Cityline at 315-448-CITY to request a bulk pickup. Residential units are allowed four bulk pickups per year. Additional bags of trash outside of the cart are not allowed and will be cited as an illegal setout. An illegal setout may incur a fine of $350. 

More information on the trash cart rollout is available at