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About the Commission (SCRC)

The Syracuse City Redistricting Commission (SCRC) recently began its work on proposing new district lines for the City of Syracuse. Under federal law, communities are responsible for redrawing districts based on the new census data every 10 years. Redrawing lines addresses population changes, which directly impacts the apportionment of congressional districts, distribution of federal funds, and local elections. Redistricting may also occur to ensure districts have equal populations.

The City of Syracuse’s Audit Department has been responsible for ramping up the process. It received 103 applications and selected 8 Commissioners to serve. Those 8 commissioners selected the final 7 to complete the Commission. The commissioners represent a diverse range of residents by age, race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, education, and neighborhoods.

What is the Purpose of the Commission?

The Syracuse City Redistricting Commission (SCRC) is committed to an inclusive, thoughtful, and transparent process to avoid the partisanship of other commissions. Additionally, the commission’s intentionality incorporates best practices and resources to ensure the process is fair and respective.

Over the next 7 to 9 months, the SCRC will work to:

  • Rebalance district populations
  • Meet the constitutional principle of “one person, one vote”
  • Ensure districts are geographically contiguous and reflect the community’s interests and diversity

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