Redistricting Formation

1. About the Redistricting Commission (SCRC) 

About General Ordinance No.3-2021 on Independent Redistricting(PDF, 6MB) (the Local Law)

Pursuant to Section 3-104 (3) of the Charter of the City of Syracuse, as amended by Local Law No. 10-2019, not later than September 1 of a year ending in the numeral "1", the Syracuse Common COuncil shall authorize by ordinance an independent citizens redistricting commission made up of qualified electors who reside within the city to reconsider the boundaries of Council districts. In 2021 and each year following the year in which the national census is taken under the direction of the United States Congress at the beginning of each decade, the Commission shall adjust the boundary lines of the five (5) single-member districts in conformance with the standards and process set forth in this chapter. 

The Commission shall not draw district lines at any other time, except if the districts must be redrawn because of a judicial decision invalidating the then existing district plan, in whole or in part, a change in number of single-member districts made to the City Charter, or the date of the city election is moved. 

The Commission shall consist of 15 members.

2. How to Become a Redistricting Commissioner

Click below to apply online for the SCRC
Applications for 2021 SCRC Closed March 31, 2021

If you would prefer to print and mail the application, you can download the PDF version(PDF, 446KB) of the SCRC Application.

Please mail the completed SCRC Application to:

Nader Maroun, City Auditor
433 City Hall
233 E. Washington Street
Syracuse, New York 13202

3. Applicant Diversity and Demographics

View the demographics and diversity of the applicant pool here 

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  • Applications Received: 101
  • Qualified Applications: 65
  • Applicants from District 1: 17
  • Applicants from District 2: 12
  • Applicants from District 3: 25 
  • Applicants from District 4: 15
  • Applicants from District 5: 27