City Auditor

Mission Statement:

To advance open and accountable government through accurate, independent, and objective audits and investigations that seek to improve the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of City government.


Through internal reviews and audits the Office of the City Auditor aims to help ensure that internal controls exist, that assets of the City are protected, and waste is avoided, thereby assisting departments in accomplishing their objective effectively. The efficiency and integrity of the City Government benefit from the identification, evaluation, and mitigation of risk undertaken in an objective, systematic approach. Thus, the Office of the City Auditor is in a unique position of trust and responsibility that partner with the Administration and the Common Council to protect and promote the core values and goals of the City Government and to ensure that both external laws and regulations are complied with as well as City initiated laws, policies, and practices.

AIM Higher

An Analysis of the Impact of New York State AIM Funding on the City of Syracuse

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Completed Audits 




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