Purchase Department

The Department of Purchase handles the purchasing of all materials, supplies, equipment, and services required by the City. They process all requisitions, preparing specifications for contracts, conducting competitive bidding, and awarding contracts.

The department also maintains a comprehensive inventory of all furniture and equipment owned by the City, and handles the proper disposal of unserviceable or surplus material. Also, the department procures insurance policies.

New and Existing Vendors

We look forward to growing opportunities for existing vendors and new vendors. The City offers Construction and Professional Services contracts for vendors. The department buys materials, supplies, and products through the Onondaga County Purchase Department. Please visit their site to register as a county approved vendor to take part as a supplier to the City of Syracuse.

Guidelines and Rules for Doing Business with the City of Syracuse

Visit the Guidelines and Rules page. Learn about the standards of the City of Syracuse Purchase Department.

Self Service

Requests for Bids and Proposals