How to Submit RFP Proposals

Proposers and companies can submit to work on professional service projects for the City of Syracuse. Learn about how to submit on opportunities and the RFP process. 


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The RFP Process - How Do I submit proposals on City Agreements?

The RFP document will detail the services, the terms, and conditions governing the RFP. Vendors will need to submit proposals to RFPs to potential qualify for an agreement.

Make sure your proposal is complete with all signatures and required attachments. The Original and Copies of proposal mailed in with your company's name. (RFP Number and Title on the outside of the package.)

Please drop or mail your bids off before the time and date specified in RFP document. We will not accept late bids.

See some key points of the process below:

  • Companies submitting a proposals must give us a more technical outline of how they plan to do the professional service, separate from just their pricing bid.
  • Public Attendance is not permitted. Proposals received in private and given to the appropriate correspondents.
  • We will review all correctly submitted responses and select the company that best fits the needs of the City of Syracuse.
  • The awarding process may take up to a few months. We ask for your patience and understanding as we want to be sure to select the correct proposal for those services.

  • We will provide an award information after a company has been selected for the professional services. If you don't see information that you are looking for, please FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) with our Law Department for any other further details.  

We keep all RFPs that we advertise on record with the Division of Purchase. Copies of RFP specification documents must be requested from our office.

Request an RFP Document: Fill out out this form to receive an electronic copy of any RFP(s) below.

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