The Syracuse Water Department is responsible for constructing, maintaining, and operating all necessary and desirable facilities for the supply and distribution of a safe, potable water supply for the City of Syracuse. For a description of the water system and information about the quality of the water that is supplied by the Syracuse Water Department, see the document: “Consumer Confidence Report(PDF, 2MB) ”. This includes information both New York State Department of Health and United States Environmental Protection Agency regulations require we provide to our customers. The Newsletter also contains the latest news and information about your water system. To view the newsletter click on “Current Drinking Water Report(PDF, 2MB) .” You will need Acrobat Reader to view the document.

As a reminder, City water bills are the responsibility of the owner of the property where the service was provided, and therefore are sent to the owner of the property. Landlords and tenants should make other arrangements to obtain billing information if the water bill, by lease agreement, is the responsibility of the tenant.