Funding for Families and Neighborhoods


Supporting Children, Families and Neighborhoods   

The City is investing in our children, families, and neighborhoods. ARPA funds are being used to stabilize neighborhoods by building and rehabbing homes for ownership and rental; and, direct homeowner and rental support. The City also created summer jobs for young people and supported youth development and enrichment programs including violence prevention. A key focus of each of these investments is racial equity, economic and environmental justice, and other issues that have historically hindered the prosperity of Syracuse residents and their neighborhoods.

Project Progress 

Projects in Supporting Children, Families, and Neighborhoods. The City of Syracuse is committed to transparent reporting. Amounts that have been budgeted across projects are updated weekly on the dashboard and may vary over time. The City will proactively share information on changing project plans. Questions about projects can be sent to

Project Progress:

Planning: Project plan has been submitted and is pending Common Council approval.
In Progress: Project has been approved by Common Council and the budget has been set.
Complete: Project Spending and outputs have been completed.

Spending Progress:

Budgeted: Amount approved by Council to be spent. This amount can vary. eg. more money can be budgeted for a project if required.
Authorized: Authorized amount from federal government ($123 million).
Money Spent: The sum of expenditures and money encumbered (financially committed).

Supporting Neighborhoods 

Resurgent Neighborhoods Initiative Housing Stabilization

Address housing stability through newly constructed homes for first-time buyer purchase; newly developed rental units for low-income residents; and investment in existing properties both occupied and vacant to address substandard quality issues. All development will occur within federally designated qualified census tracts. 

Pandemic Related Rent Relief

Continue partnership with Onondaga County Department of Child and Family Services to provide direct financial assistance to assist individuals and families 80% or below AMI who are possibly going to be evicted due to severe financial difficulties caused by COVID-related circumstances such as loss of income or employment. The assistance will ensure housing security while addressing significant income loss experienced by property owners. 

Greater Syracuse Land Bank Property Stabilization & Demolition

Provide support to the Greater Syracuse Land Bank for strategic property stabilization and demolition of its properties within designated census tracts. Any demolition will be directly related to identified neighborhood and housing stability strategies. 

Address Childhood Lead Poisoning

Address the environmental impact of lead through remediation efforts. The investment will include advanced technology for lead detection by housing inspectors and will be leveraged by existing federal and philanthropic grants. 

Homeowner Support

Assist owner-occupied homeowners with grants, low-interest home improvement loans, and first-time homebuyer down-payment assistance. 

Housing Market Study

The City of Syracuse will conduct a city-wide market analysis of current housing inclusive of vacant structures and market conditions across each of the city's neighborhoods. In addition to identifying neighborhood- and block-level housing conditions and trends, this report will aim to identify key principles to guide future housing strategy and decision-making around neighborhood interventions, in order to ensure that future development and investments are best aligned to each neighborhood's specific market conditions and needs. 

Supporting Children & Families 

Summer Youth Employment Program

Provide summer employment and career skills development to youth ages 12-21 with funding for two program years. 

Youth Development and Support Opportunities

Provide city youth education support, college preparation and career development; positive social opportunities; mental health support; and, violence intervention/prevention. 

Neighborhood-based Community Centers

Fund neighborhood community centers to provide continued food and programming assistance to seniors, families, and youth to address the continued impacts of the pandemic. 


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Resilient Cities: American Rescue Plan Stories

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