Sarah Pallo Named to Business Public Information Officer

Published on September 01, 2023

2023 09 01 HEADSHOT Sarah Pallo.jpg

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh announced the appointment of Sarah Pallo to Public Information Officer for Neighborhood and Business Development (NBD). As part of the City Communications Office, Pallo will be responsible for a wide range of public information and communication activities supporting Neighborhood Development, Business Development, Code Enforcement, and Planning and Sustainability.

In this new role, Pallo will provide information to businesses and neighborhoods by producing communications and content for web, print, and social media. She will develop and distribute public information to proactively educate and engage businesses, residents and media on ongoing and upcoming projects and initiatives related to housing, neighborhood health and safety, property development, business opportunities, historic preservation, and land use. Pallo will also work with the public to answer questions and receive recommendations to help inform and improve agency programs.

A Syracuse native, Pallo has spent the last fifteen years involved in support and development of local businesses in the city of Syracuse. Most recently, she was the general manager at Otro Cinco where she led the reopening of the restaurant’s new concept and design. She directed restaurant branding and developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive business, while working to ensure customers enjoyed their dining experience.

Pallo also worked for the Northside Urban Partnership as a Program Coordinator for Business Development. In this role, she shaped the creation and launch of Up Start, a collaborative business development program that connects local, service-based businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to the tools and networks that help them thrive. She also strengthened the local business community by providing engagement opportunities, marketing assistance and support to Northside businesses and members of SyracuseFirst, a nonprofit that encourages citizens to “think local first”.

Pallo received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Communications at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.