Reserve Space in a City Park

All reservations for special events in, or around, a park are initiated within the Syracuse Parks & Recreation Office of Special Events, except for Athletic Field Rental Requests, which are processed by the Office of Adult Recreation. 

Private Events

We have several sites available to reserve for private events such as birthday parties, family reunions, and weddings that allows exclusive rights to a space within a park. 

How to reserve a space for a private event

  • To request a permit for private events such as birthday parties, family reunions, and weddings create an account on our registration portal. If you already have an account, just sign in with your username and password. If you do not remember your password click ‘Forgot password?’ on the sign-in page.
  • Submit your pavilion reservation request and/or your wedding space reservation request or Sunnycrest Ice Rink birthday room
  • Once your request (s) has been submitted, rental details are confirmed and approved/denied. If approved, an updated invoice will be emailed to you with a payment link. If the reservation is not paid after 3 days of the invoice link being emailed, the request will be cancelled and released back to the public. A new request must be made at this point. If permit details need to be discussed a staff member will call or email the contact information provided. 

How much does it cost?

  • Permits for the spaces listed above are $50 for every 4 hours per each space you reserve. If you want to reserve a second space - in another park or the same park - you'll need to pay a second fee and get a second permit.
  • Electrical outlets are $20 and available at Franklin Square Park and Thornden Park Lily Pond.
  • Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card. Check and money orders can be made out to Commissioner of Finance. A non-refundable credit card processing fee will apply. Please review our refund policy here.

Keep in mind:

  • Payment is due 3 days after your permit request is approved or your reservation will be cancelled and release the date to the public. 
  • If your check is returned, we charge a $20 fee.
  • To make a change to your event, contact us at least 2 weeks in advance.


Things to consider when planning your private event.

  • Alcohol: No alcohol is allowed in any of our parks.
  • Bottles: We don't allow glass bottles in any of our parks.
  • Electricity: Most of our parks don't have electrical outlets. There are outlets at Thornden Park Lily Pond and Franklin Square. You can get a permit to use them for $20.
  • Grills: We don't have grills in our parks, but you can bring your own charcoal or disposable grill with you. Grill next to pavilions, only. No propane tanks allowed.
  • Music: You can bring a small battery powered device, but we don't allow speakers or amplified music.
  • Parking: Parking is available along the perimeter of the parks and parking lots. Signage is posted in each park. We do not open the service roads in any of our parks.
  • Picnic tables: Some of our locations have picnic tables, others don't. Picnic tables cannot be moved.
  • Restrooms: A temporary portable option is available at Barry Park, Meachem Park, Onondaga Park, Thornden Park and Comfort Tyler Park, May 1 to September 30. Franklin Park does not have restrooms.
  • Tables, chairs, and decorations: While we can't provide you with any, feel free to bring your own (and take them home when you're done).
  • Tents: You can bring your own tent, but follow these rules:
    • Your tent must be labeled as "flame retardant".
    • It needs to be held down with weights - we don't allow tents that require stakes.
    • Tents that are smaller than 10 feet by 12 feet are free.
    • Tents that are 10 feet by 12 feet or bigger require a tent permit, which costs $10. [Link to SFD permit.]


Community Events, Festivals, Races and Parades 

To request a permit for community event, festival, race and parade in, or around a park, email to set up a meeting with the Special Events Coordinator to discuss your event at least 60 days prior to the first proposed event date. This meeting will determine the type of event and availability. Additional permits and requirements may be required after a full Committee review of the application. 

Permit Application Process Timeline

Completed applications must be submitted for the City of Syracuse’s Event Advisory Committee for review by:

Things to remember:

  • The initial event meeting does not guarantee event approval.
  • A completed application does not guarantee event approval.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed and requested event dates will not be held.
  • Events should not be publicized until approval has been granted, this includes all forms of social media.
  • A detailed site plan must be included in all applications.  

Event Cancellations or Postponements 

A full refund will be issued if the event is cancelled or postponed, in writing, 30 days before the event start, excluding the credit card transaction fee and $5.00 processing fee. Email your refund requests to Refunds will only be given to the original applicant listed on the Permit. Refunds will be reimbursed to the credit card that was used. If payment was made by cash or check, a refund check will be mailed to the address of the person/organization paying the permit fees. Issuance of refund checks will take between 4-6 weeks.

The City reserves the right to cancel reservations at their discretion, for any reason, including, but not limited to, maintenance or unsafe conditions. Refunds will be provided in these instances without the holding of the processing fee. 

Denial of Event Application/Request 

The City of Syracuse’s Event Advisory Committee may deny an event permit application on one or more of the following grounds:

  • An incomplete application
  • The application contains misrepresentation or fraudulent information.
  • The applicant has an outstanding invoice to the City.
  • Pending application is being considered for same date and location.
  • Conflicting date and location with City programming.
  • Applicant does not follow all applicable city ordinances, park rules, state rules, fire codes and liquor licensing regulations.
  • If applicant is unable to follow applicable local, state and federal license requirements for event.
  • Event proposed by applicant presents a danger to the health or safety of the public or applicant.
  • If event is against the law.