Scooters and E-Bikes Return to Syracuse with Expanded Fleet

Published on March 17, 2023

Micromobility program boosts accessibility around town as more than half of riders report no access to a car


The City of Syracuse and Veo announced the return of the city’s micromobility program following a winter hiatus. The Veo fleet, featuring class 2 throttle-assist e-bikes and standing scooters, will nearly double in size from last year’s fleet to meet the growing demand for shared mobility across the city.


As part of the initial spring launch, Veo will deploy 850 vehicles, a 70% increase from last year, with the option to expand to a fleet of 1,000 vehicles. The program will build off last year’s success, where the introduction of a new vehicle type – the Cosmo-e throttle-assist e-bike– supported a year of record ridership. The Cosmo-e’s throttle increases micromobility access for more riders by opening up e-bikes for travelers who are unable to pedal, need support traveling up hills, or want a boost to get up to speed from a stopped position.


“With spring around the corner, there is no better time to start traversing Syracuse on two wheels,” said Mayor Ben Walsh. “Since launching in 2021, the micromobility program has expanded at a steady pace creating mobility options for Syracuse residents without a vehicle. Syracuse's growing fleet isn't just a fun way to get around the city, it's filling a critical transportation gap.”


“Veo ridership has gone up in Syracuse for the third year in a row, as the demand for shared scooters and bikes continues to grow,” said Candice Xie, co-founder and CEO of Veo. “Syracuse riders are making it clear that they want affordable, sustainable travel options. According to Veo’s 2023 rider survey, 42% of Syracuse riders have been able to decrease car travel because they have access to shared scooters and bikes. Veo looks forward to another year making it possible for residents and visitors to travel sustainably in Syracuse.”


Syracuse’s micromobility program is also helping increase transportation access in the community: of the nearly 500 Syracuse residents who took Veo’s 2023 rider survey, more than 50% of them don’t own or have access to a car.


How to Ride


  • Locate a ride: Riders aged 18+ can locate vehicles using the free VeoRide app.
  • Unlock and go: Using the VeoRide app, riders scan a QR code and pay $1 to unlock the vehicle. Riders then pay a $0.31 per-minute rate for the duration of their trip.
  • End your ride: Upon completion of the ride, riders park their vehicle in designated parking locations and take a photo within the app to confirm proper parking.

Syracuse riders can get $2 in free credit with the promo code SPRING through March 31. Riders with low incomes can visit to apply for a discounted rate. 


Rules of the Road



  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Park responsibly 
  • Wear a helmet


  • Double ride
  • Ride underage
  • Ride under the influence
  • Ride on the sidewalk 


To learn more about the Veomicromobility program, get familiar with the rules of the road, or find out if you’re eligible for discounted rates, visit More content will be available on the City’s website in the coming months. Residents with questions should call the number on the bike or scooter (855-VEO-2256) or email Syracuse residents can also directly email with any concerns.


About Veo

Veo is on a mission to end car dependency by making clean transportation accessible to all. We have provided millions of shared bike and scooter rides in 50+ cities and universities across North America – and we’re just getting started.

Veo operates from a set of values that distinguish us in the industry. We are grounded in financial responsibility: Veo partnered with select cities to achieve profitability before scaling. Our in-house design and manufacturing process enables us to constantly innovate and provide cities with the next generation of shared electric bikes and scooters. We develop collaborative, long-term partnerships with cities and universities so we can work together toward a sustainable, safe, and equitable transportation future.