SIDA Board Members & Administrators

Board Members

Kathleen MurphyChairman, appointed January 16, 2018

Steven P. ThompsonVice Chairman, appointed January 06, 2014

Rickey BrownSecretary, appointed January 16, 2018

Kenneth J. Kinsey –Treasurer, appointed January 13, 2016

Dirk SonnebornMember, February 12, 2020

*Board Members are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor of Syracuse*


Audit Committee
Finance Committee 
Governance Committee 
 Rickey Brown  Rickey Brown  Rickey Brown
 Kenneth Kinsey  Kenneth Kinsey  Kenneth Kinsey
 Kathleen Murphy   Kathleen Murphy  Kathleen Murphy
   Steven P. Thompson   Steven P. Thompson
   Dirk Sonneborn  Dirk Sonneborn


Eric Ennis
Executive Director, Syracuse Industrial Development Agency

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