SIDA Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Board & Committee Meetings

Board of Directors meetings are scheduled on the third Tuesday of each month.

Please Note: Agenda items and related documentation should be provided no later than two (2) weeks prior to each scheduled meeting date. Items should be sent to the attention of Eric Ennis by e-mail at or by mail at the address below:

Syracuse Industrial Development Agency
One Park Place 
300 South State Street, Suite 700
Syracuse, New York 13202

Upcoming Meetings

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Board Meetings

Committee Meetings

Meeting History

2021 Meetings

Board Meetings

December - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 69KB) | Agenda(PDF, 10MB)  | Minutes(PDF, 145KB)

November - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 69KB) | Agenda(PDF, 10MB) | Minutes(PDF, 144KB)

October - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 60KB) | Agenda(PDF, 17MB) | Minutes(PDF, 146KB)

September (9/30) - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 58KB) | Agenda(PDF, 7MB) | Minutes(PDF, 58KB)

September (9/21) -Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 59KB) | Agenda(PDF, 7MB) | Minutes(PDF, 145KB)

August - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 44KB) | Agenda(PDF, 19MB) | Minutes(PDF, 208KB)

July - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 44KB) | Agenda(PDF, 3MB) | Minutes(PDF, 110KB)

June - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 59KB) | Agenda(PDF, 10MB) | Minutes(PDF, 140KB)

May - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 60KB) | Agenda(PDF, 19MB) | Minutes(PDF, 161KB)

April - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 60KB) | Agenda(PDF, 23MB) | Minutes(PDF, 147KB)

March - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 209KB) | Agenda(PDF, 11MB)Minutes(PDF, 137KB)

February - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 60KB) | Agenda(PDF, 1MB) | Minutes(PDF, 132KB)

January - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 60KB) | Agenda(PDF, 7MB) | Minutes(PDF, 110KB)

Committee Meetings

October - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 57KB) | Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 3MB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 133KB)

September - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 57KB) | Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 8MB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 130KB)

June - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 128KB) | Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 11MB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 128KB)

May - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 47KB) | Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 14MB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 119KB)

April - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 47KB) | (PDF, 14MB)Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 12MB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 124KB)

March - Audit Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 210KB) | Audit Committee Agenda(PDF, 2MB) | Audit Committee Minutes(PDF, 113KB)

2020 Meetings

Board Meetings

December - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 60KB) | Agenda(PDF, 4MB)  | Minutes(PDF, 143KB) | Franklin Lofts Presentation(PDF, 5MB)

November - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 2MB) | Agenda(PDF, 2MB) | Minutes(PDF, 107KB)

October - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 70KB) | Agenda(PDF, 24MB) | Minutes(PDF, 154KB)

September - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 70KB) | Agenda(DOCX, 42KB) | Minutes(PDF, 123KB)

August - Public Cancellation Meeting Notice(PDF, 44KB)

July - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 68KB) | Agenda(PDF, 4MB) | Minutes(PDF, 128KB)

June - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 79KB) | Agenda(PDF, 24MB) 

April - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 85KB) | Agenda(PDF, 25MB) | Minutes(PDF, 89KB)

March - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 44KB) | Agenda(PDF, 22MB) | Minutes(PDF, 94KB)

February - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 414KB) | Agenda(PDF, 5MB) | Minutes(PDF, 80KB)

January (1/21) - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 415KB) | Agenda(PDF, 11MB) | Minutes(PDF, 81KB)

January (1/16) - (PDF, 63KB)Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 416KB) | Agenda(PDF, 273KB) | (PDF, 416KB)Minutes(PDF, 63KB)

January (1/10) - Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 44KB) | Agenda(PDF, 272KB)

Committee Meetings

November - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 80KB) | Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 4MB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 98KB)

October - Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 17MB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 503KB)

September - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 70KB) | Finance Committee Agenda(DOCX, 43KB)

August - Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 28MB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 132KB)

July - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 68KB) | Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 110KB)

March - Audit & Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 44KB) | Audit & Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 25MB) | Audit & Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 92KB)

February - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 414KB) | Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 6MB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 67KB)

January - Finance Committee Public Meeting Notice(PDF, 44KB) | Finance Committee Agenda(PDF, 627KB) | Finance Committee Minutes(PDF, 68KB)