What We Do

The City Payment Center directly collects payments for all City, School, and County property taxes, water bills, business license fees, parking ticket fines and fees, boot fees, and adjudication fees.

The City Payment Center also manages invoicing, collection and tracks revenues earned by other departments; receives any funds collected by all other City departments, as well as other money legally due to or receivable by the City or any of its officers, departments, boards or commissions; and deposits all money collected into depository bank.

The City Payment Center prepares tax bills for all real property taxes, charges and local assessments, and is responsible for servicing over 42,000 taxpayer accounts. 

The City Payment Center enforces collection of delinquent property taxes and the selling of tax delinquent properties. It also offers payment plans (tax trusts) for homeowners who have fallen behind on their taxes. An application for a tax trust is available here(PDF, 138KB)

 The City Payment Center collects all monies related to parking tickets, receives and reconciles monies collected by booting scofflaws, and third party collections. For anyone having difficulty paying their parking tickets, payment plans are available, click here for a link to the application(PDF, 184KB).

The City Payment Center produces and mails water bills weekly and services over 39,000 water accounts. If a resident is having trouble paying water bills, learn how you may qualify for a payment program or payment assistance.