Support Services Bureau

The Support Services Bureau is commanded by Deputy Chief Julie Shulsky who is responsible for coordinating and over-seeing the Department's operations, and daily administrative functions. The Support Services Bureau is comprised of the following Divisions:

  • Central Records Division
  • Emergency Management / Special Events
  • Ordinance Enforcement & License Section

Human Resources Division

  • Recruits and selects all Department members.
  • Establishes and maintains procedures that conform to federal and state regulations for hiring.
  • Conducts comprehensive background investigations.
  • Maintains human resources records.
  • Maintains all documentation relating to the appointment, transfer, retirement, termination, secondary employment and commendations.
  • Prepares orders relating to the assignment of personnel and maintains Department roster.
  • Prepares personnel status reports

Phone: 315-442-5290

Property Division

  • Responsible for the custody and disposal of physical evidence found or recovered property and all property held for safe keeping.
  • Maintains all Departmental inventory records.
  • Orders and stores supplies.
  • Prints Departmental forms.
  • Conducts auctions of unclaimed property.
  • Conducts periodic gun burns of firearms and other weapons.

Phone: (315) 442-5178

Technology Division

  • Develops, prepares, publishes and maintains records of all Departmental rules and regulations and orders.
  • Conducts research and planning projects as directed by the Chief of Police.
  • Responds to surveys and statistical data requests from individuals, media and organizations.
  • Prepares and publishes the Departments annual report.
  • Develops, manages, and provides forms control services.
  • Ensures Departmental compliance with New York State Accreditation Program Standards.
  • Maintains and implements Department Information & Technology Systems and provides computer support services.
  • Prepares and assists in the management of Departmental grants.

The Technology Division contains the following Sections:

  • Accreditation Standards Section
  • Grant Management Section
  • Information Technology Section

Phone: (315) 442-5240

Training / Recruitment Division

  • Coordinates and administers Departmental training programs.
  • Plans and develops Departmental training standards and programs.
  • Monitors training methods and identifies training needs necessary for adherence to state and federal laws and Departmental policies.
  • Prepares and distributes training bulletins.
  • Administers in-service and field training officer programs, physical fitness evaluation, firearms training and qualifications, and police academy programs.
  • Maintains records of training, standards, programs, and lesson plans.

Phone: (315) 442-5296

Transportation Division

  • Maintains all Departmental vehicles and records pertaining to operation and maintenance of those vehicles.
  • Prepares Departmental vehicles for auction.
  • Prepares specifications for the purchase of new vehicles.
  • Completes vehicle repair work, maintenance checks.

Phone: (315) 442-5185