Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau is commanded by Deputy Chief Richard H. Trudell who is responsible for overseeing the investigations of crimes committed against persons and property and serious or unusual incidents following the initial response and investigation by patrol, and for investigating narcotic and vice activity. The Investigations Bureau is comprised of the following Divisions.

Criminal Investigations Division

  • Conducts follow-up felony investigations initiated by the Patrol Division.
  • Assists in primary investigations when requested.
  • Clears crimes through arrest and recovery of stolen property, executes search warrants and apprehends fugitives.
  • Acts as a liaison with representatives from federal, state and other municipal agencies, and exchanges information concerning  known criminals and criminal activity. 
  • Coordinates information with prosecuting agencies during investigations for upcoming court cases.

Phone: (315) 442-5222

Family Services Division

  • Initiates and conducts follow-up investigations regarding youth and family related matters.
  • Conducts follow-up investigations on all felony level sex-related offenses.

Family Services Division contains the following Sections and Units:

  • Youth Enforcement Section
  • Missing Person Unit
  • Domestic Violation Section
  • Abused Persons Unit

Phone: (315) 442-5332 

Special Investigations Division

  • Conducts investigations into organized crime, narcotics trafficking and vice related activity.
  • Coordinates enforcement action and develops inter-agency cooperation, coordination and communication relative to metropolitan-wide narcotics enforcement efforts.

The Special Investigations Division contains the following Sections:

  • Narcotics Section
  • Vice Section
  • Technical Operations Section

Phone: (315) 425-1034 

Gang Violence Task Force

The Gang Violence Task Force is responsible for collaborating with other agencies to aggressively target violent gangs and their members. The Task Force utilizes long term investigations which are prepared and presented to the federal court system for prosecution.

Phone: (315) 425-1034